• Treat everyone with respect, everyone.
  • Everyone is required to have a mic and use it, unless unable to. 
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with your teammates “callouts “
  • You must be a mature 16 or older to join. 
  • You must be 18 or older to compete with the competitive teams in a match.
  • This is a place for everyone, so let's create fun and have some! 
  • Leave the drama at home. Do not..create problems, put others down, ect.
  • Don't break the law (theft,harassment,false reports, ect) at an event or online or any ICGG setting with any group members, police will be called and the proper authorities will be notified. Just don't even think about it.

Competitive Guidelines

  • Apply to join the team you want to join. 
  • If accepted follow the guidelines listed here.
  • Reply to all communications in a timely manner
  • Attend meetings and practices as scheduled. 
  • Follow the team captains directions in game. Debate later.
  • Use your mic and call outs effectively. 
  • ICGG encourages you to use sponsors/affiliates.
    • However you may not share the same sponsor as ICGG.
  • Do not promote any company/brand that is already affiliated with ICGG.
    • If this is done on same platform we advertise, we see this as competing.
    • Doing so could result in immediate removal.
    • You benefit from our rewards.
  • Attend scrimmages and events when slotted to.