What is InfiniteChaosGG?

Infinite Chaos is a gaming group that includes everything from sponsored competitive gamers, weekend warriors, couch fighters and newbies. 

Who can join InfiniteChaosGG?

Anyone can join Infinite Chaos as long as you are respectful to everyone and have a mic. Communication is Key.

Is InfiniteChaosGG game specific?

We play on all video games that offer a multiplayer. We even have guides and helpers for single player games if needed. 

Is InifniteChaosGG only on PC?

Infinite Chaos is on all gaming consoles and systems. All we need is a mic and a player. 

Can I play in another clan too?

Infinite Chaos is a huge believer in community gaming, as such you can be in another clan too. 

How do I compete with the ICGG?

Just apply to join a team for the game you play.

What are the Battalions & Teams?

Each Console or System is a Battalion, and that Battalion has teams, A team is a game.

What are the Teams?

 Each Battalion has teams which are the games. You can be on multi teams.    

How do I Join a Team?

  To join a Team you would need to apply. Must be active in the community, and 18 years old.   

Who is a Fire Team Leader?

 A Fire Team Leader is a veteran ICGG player who leads an ICGG Squad at an event, competition and/or practice.    

Where can I read the Guidelines?

 You can read all the guidelines and rules for Infinite Chaos here

Do I have to Join a Battalion?

NOPE.  You are welcome to play with us on any game we play, We are here to better EVERYONES gaming experience. 

Where do I see my Squad and points?

You can check your points and current Squad at the link below.

Where do I sign up?

To join Infinite Chaos and play with a community of gamers who value teamwork and communication.